Tank Blanketing Regulators

Spring loaded low pressure reducer for gases, in corrosion resistant design.

Emergency Vents

Lecore Series EPV vents are designed to provide emergency relief capacity beyond that furnished by the operating vent on the tanks, for protection against costly tank ruptures.

Flame Arrestors

End of Line Flame Arrestor; Detonation Flame Arrestor; Deflagration Flame Arrestors; Bi-Directional in-line Detonation Arrestor.

Bursting Discs

The RA Series of rupture disks are complementary designs to cover the majority of rupture disk applications and are designed to be used in the RAH type holder.

Gauge Hatches

Allowing easy access to storage tanks while controlling vapor losses.


Desiccated & Vent Dryers; Preventing the ingress of moisture into tanks.

Free Vents

The Lecore Free Vent allows atmospheric air to travel freely in and out of storage tanks where no filtering is necessary. Manufactured with a weather cowl stainless steel screen to eliminate harmful objects entering the tank. A filter can be provided if necessary.

Pressure/Vacuum Breather Valves

The Pressure and Vacuum Breather Valve minimizes losses from storage tanks during operations, whilst preventing internal pressure and vacuum conditions from exceeding the tanks limits.