Series EPV (7800)

Lecore Series EPV vents are designed to provide emergency relief capacity beyond that furnished by the operating vent on the tanks.
The series EPV vents do not provide vacuum relief.
Vacuum relief must be supplied by independent operating vents.
Under normal operating conditions, the vent pallet assembly is closed providing an effective vapour seal. In the event of an emergency (fire involvement of the tank), the pallet lifts in response to the increased pressure in the tanks vapour space . Vapour is expelled, thereby protecting the tank from dangerous over-pressurization.
Pallet assembly automatically closes and reseals when the pressure is reduced.

Series EPM

The primary function of the emergency pressure manhole vent is protection against costly tank rupture. This manhole cover provides emergency venting for abnormal internal pressure beyond the capability of the pressure relief valve. It also provides easy access for tank inspection.
The most common cause for excessive internal pressure is fire exposure. Emergency venting capacity requirements are dependant wetted surface area of the tank. The venting requirements can be calculated in accordance with API standards. When set pressure is reached, the lift will lift and relieve excess pressure. When the over-pressure has dissipated the cover reseats tightly. The hinged mechanism prevents misalignment of the lid or seat so that a tight leak free seal is obtained

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