Float and tape tank gauges are suitable for almost all liquid storage applications and tank types.
Varec’s 2500 ATG and 6700 Liquid Level Indicator have been the primary liquid level measurement products used by the petroleum market for over 80 years due to their simplicity and cost.
We maintain market leadership in this product category due to our continued investment in product development, customer support and field service programs.

The Model 6700 Liquid Level Indicator (LLI) is an economical, easy to install measurement device utilizing a target and gauge board to indicate tank level. The indicator displays liquid level (product innage) to an accuracy of 1″ (25 mm). Designed for use on a variety of atmospheric and low pressure storage vessels, the 6700 LLI may be installed on both in-service and out of-service tanks.
The 2500 series of Automatic Tank Gauges (ATG) are mechanically operated, float and tape instruments designed to provide continuous liquid level measurement in bulk storage applications.

The measured level is displayed using a dial and counter built into the gauge head. The 2500 ATG has many product options that allow it to be installed on the tank roof or at the tank side (at grade), which would facilitate ground level reading by the operator. If electronic transmission of level data or temperature measurement integration is required in the control room, then the gauge can be filed with an optional tank gauging transmitter.

Changes in the liquid level of the tank raise or lower the float, which moves the indicator cable. Cable movement drives the indicator up and down the gaugeboard on the side of the tank. The liquid level in feet and inches or meters and decimeters is shown by the indicator position on the gaugeboard. The user may then convert the liquid level to units of volume. This may be accomplished manually or by using inventory management software, such as Fuels Manager ®

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