The bypass level indicator forms an integral part of a pressure vessel. A chamber is mounted on the side of a tank or container by means of two process connections. This direct connection ensures that the level in the chamber corresponds precisely to the level of the liquid in the tank or container (communicating pipes). Inside the bypass chamber is a cylindrical float with a built-in magnetic system. The concentrated magnetic field produced by the permanent magnet gives a precise reading for the level of liquid in the chamber. A signal is transmitted by the magnetic field through the wall of the chamber to an externally mounted indicator, as well as to recording and switchgear elements.

Magnetic Roller Indicators are used for displaying the level visually. Small plastic or aluminium rollers with inlaid bar magnets are held in an aluminium or stainless steel profile bar. Depending on the level in the chamber, these rollers turn from white to red as the level rises and from red to white as the level falls. The level inside the vessel can thus be indicated continually without requiring any outside power source.

Level Sensors are used for the electrical continuous remote indicator of levels. The Magnetic field of the permanent magnet in the cylindrical float acts through the wall to activate very small reed contacts that continually register the measurement voltage on a resistance measurement chain. This measurement voltage is proportional to the level (3-wire potentiometer circuit). The resolution of the reed contacts is produced with spacings of 5, 10 and 15mm. When used in connection with a control unit, the resistance value can be converted into a standardized analogous signal.

Magnetic Switches are used as limit value switches for various filling levels. The permanent magnet in the cylindrical float activates a potential-free bistable reed contact. Completely contactless, it sends out a binary signal that can be used as a „full/empty“, a „pump on/off“ or a „valve open/close“ signal. However, reed contacts are also ideally suited for forwarding signals directly to SPS control units.

Technical advantages:

  • Simple, robust and unbreakable design
  • Pressure- and gas-proof separation between the measurement and the indicator chambers
  • Detection and indication of the filling levels of aggressive, combustible, poisonous, hot , turbulent and severely contaminated media
  • Guaranteed operation of the magnetic roller indicator without requiring an auxiliary power source, even in the case of power system failures
  • Usable in all fields of industry thanks to the use of a wide range of corrosion-proof materials
  • Designs available for pressure ranges from a vacuum up to 400 bar
  • Designs available for temperature ranges from -160°C to +400°C
  • Designs available for density as of 350 kg/m³

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