Storage Tanks

DCM Group offers a fully redundant & automated overfill protecon system that meets european safety standards.
With a control box in the site managers office the manager has the ability to see current tank levels. If an alarm which can be pre-determined is reached during filling the manager will receive a visual and audible alarm.

Once a high alarm is reached, the loading operaon can be automacally shut down via an actuang valve. For emergency situaons the control box is also fied with an emergency shutdown switch and only the manager will be able to connue loading operaons by acknowledging the alarms from the alarm annunciator.

The local display unit at the filling staon will also have tank level displays with an audible alarm and an emergency shut down switch in case of emergencies. An oponal Earth Leakage Detecon system can be interfaced into the actuang valve to eliminate pumping should the filling tanker not have a proper grounding.

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