Vapour Recovery Units

Aker Solutions supplies a wide range of vapour recovery units (VRUs) for the recovery of gasoline, crude oil and other specific vapours, to dramatically reduce the emission of environmentally hazardous substances referred to as volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Remote Monitoring

With its own system integrators, this division develops and provides the digital communication and interface for the instrumentation that we supply, accessible from any computer or smart device with a connection to the internet.

Flow Measurement

Gantry Equipment; Custody Transfer; Ultrasonic Metering; Small Capacity Precision Metering; Additive Injections.

Offshore Solutions

Level and pressure instrumentation for the offshore industry.

Level Management

Automatic Tank Gauging; Overfill Protection; Remote Monitoring; Mechanic Level Indicators (Float & Tape); Bypass Level Indicators.


Activated Control Valves; Double Block & Bleed Valves.

Gantry Equipment

DCM has a range of Gantry Equipment to the likes of loading arms, metering systems, flow computer systems, data link software, composite hoses and grounding units.

Overfill Protection

DCM Group offers a fully redundant and automated overfill protection system that meets european safety standards.