Satam equipment is designed for custody transfer and fiscal metering of liquid hydrocar- bons. Metering systems have pattern approvals subject to European regulations (Measuring Instruments Directive) and international recommendations (OIML R117).

Products reception

Gravity feed reception unit

This measuring unit is specific for the gravity emptying of a tank to underground storage. It is fitted with an automatic gas elimination system linked to the dosing valve. This provides total reliability of the volume measurement even at the start and end of unloading with a partially empty hose configuration. The entire transferred product can be measured with enhanced accuracy.
This measuring unit can be supplied with an electronic or mecha- nical register. The mechanical version is totally self-powered.

Gravity feed reception unit with pump

This reception unit is fitted with a centrifugal pump. It is designed to empty tanks to underground or surface storage. Its built-in gas elimination device guarantees reliable volume measurements in all the unloading steps.
This measuring system is supplied fully assembled, factory tested and mounted on a support frame. It allows for immediate use without requiring electrical cabling and complex hydraulic connec- tions. It is a compact design construction and can be easily installed in small spaces.

Reception unit for pressurized liquids

These reception units are designed for pumped liquid metering. They are generally fitted with an air eliminator and strainer. This makes it possible for the complete delivery measurement to be reliable and accurate even in the case of liquid – gas mixtures into the upstream delivery hose. ZCE6 is also available in a high flow rate version for the measurement of refined petroleum products transported by pipeline.

Loading bays

Flow Computers

Metering systems for tank truck and rail car loading

Satam vertical or horizontal metering units are designed for tank truck and rail car loading stations in a top or bottom loading configuration. Although they are factory fitted with strainer, air eliminator and multifunction valve, their compact design allows for easy installation in smaller facilities and on compact pipeline networks.
They are supplied with a mechanical register or with an electronic register – batch controller. In order to take liquid variations (temperature, product composition) into account, the electronic metering units can be fitted with a temperature probe for a transaction in corrected volume, or with a density metering package for a transaction in mass.

Fuels additives injection

The injection of up to 12 additives per loading arm can be electronically controlled by the Equalis controller. In order to prevent any contamination between 2 successive batches, the “Clean Arm” function is built-in as standard into the batch controller software. This makes it possible to complete loading without any additive in the liquid between the injection point and the truck coupling.
Satam has developed a MID/EC – OIMLR117 approved additive injection metering system to meet local Customs and Excise requirements. The additive package includes a micro-PD meter, electro valve and Equalis S additive controller.
The injection of 1 or 2 additives can also be mechani- cally controlled by 2 injection piston pumps directly linked to the PD meter rotor.

Fuels blending

Satam has developed a fuels blending system allowing full control of blended product quality and custody transfer measurements. The Equalis flow computer can manage downstream blending with 2 meters measuring the blending components, or upstream blending with one meter on one component of the blending and the second meter on the blended product. In both cases the flow computer controls the flow rate of one component using a digital control valve in order to achieve a perfectly managed blending rate. As for additive injection, a “Clean Arm” function is also built- in as standard in order to prevent any contamination between 2 successive batches.

Components of a metering system

Positive Displacement meter: robust, proven technology

An outstanding measurement stability
Satam has developed a comprehensive range of PD meters specific to petroleum products metering. Backed by its technical know-how, Satam is able to deliver a high accuracy PD meter that remains stable year after year with almost no need for regular adjustments.
Significant maintenance costs savings
Satam PD meters have a very simple design using only two pairs of blades and one moving rotor. This guarantees an exceptionally robust device, allows local maintenance and repair, thereby gene- rating significant maintenance cost savings.

Density metering package

The Satam density metering package provides real time fuel density measurement. Combined with the Equalis flow computer, it allows the continuous monitoring of measured product mass and base volume.
Thanks to the taking into account of density variations, mass and corrected volume accuracy is significantly improved.
Depending on the requested configuration, the density package can be located at the inlet of the PD meter or the main supply pipe in order to have only one densitometer for several meters.

Multi-function valves and digital control valves

Specially designed for petroleum products, Satam valves are recognized for their robustness, durability and serviceability. They are available in “2 positions version” for simple control of fuel loading. The digital valves are flow control valves designed for blending applications or for flow adjustment in changing pressure conditions.

Flow Computers

Batch controller: powerful and versatile

The Satam Equalis batch controller is a powerful and versatile field flow computer designed for management of loading and offloading operations and optimum communication with the supervision system. It meets all the safety and accuracy require- ments for installation in oil depots. Custody transfer certified, it is compatible with the entire range of volumetric meters used in this industrial sector.
Key points
• Management of loading valve
• Management of additives injection and fuels blending
• Management of safety systems
• Direct connection to one or two meters
• Direct connection with a densitomer
• Display of loaded fuel operating and average density
• Loaded quantities in volume, base volume or mass
• Secured logging of metrological data
• Local view of stored transactions

Large display unit

DIR 12 is a large display unit for volume or mass display. Specific for installation on loading bays, it provides real time display of loaded quantities in volume or mass. Its high brightness LED design provides optimum legibility at distance and in low-light conditions.

Gas elimination device

Satam has a comprehensive range of gas elimination devices to ensure reliable an accurate measurements whatever the upstream hydraulic conditions are. They are generally fitted with a strainer. They are custody transfer approved according to OIML R117 international recommendation.

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