Small capacity PD flowmeter

Volumetric flow measurement of clean liquids or low flows used in automotive, aviation, mining, power, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, paint, petroleum industries and environmental applications.

For metering additives for fuel, consumer products, water treatment and flotation cells, corrosion inhibitors, catalysts, emulsifiers, oils, grease, fragrances, adhesives, solvents, ink and insecticides.

Medium capacity PD flow meter

FLOMEC® OM-Series Mechanical Flowmeters.
Volumetric flow measurement of clean liquids or low flows.
For distribution of fuels, fuel oils, lubricants, alcohols, solvents, blending of bio and ethanol fuels, metering of chemicals, grease, adhesives, ink, insecticides and pumps or gravity fed non-conductive liquids.

Large capacity PD flowmeter

Volumetric flow measurement of clean liquids used in receipt verification, loading, unloading and distribution management at petroleum plants, mine sites, marine and aviation facilities. For pumped or gravity fed distribution of fuels, oils solvents, alcohols.

Medium Capacity chemical meter

Flowmec Medium Capacity Chemical Flowmeter provide precise volumetric flow measurement of a broad range of clean water based products and aggressive chemicals and is also suitable for fuels, fuel oils and lubricating liquids. Applications include batching, dosing or packaging of various corrosive chemicals or as a more economical alternative to a complete 316 stainless steel meter for liquids such as Diesel Exhaust Fluid (AdBlue).

Basket Strainer

Robust Cast Body in Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel (CF8M).
304SS Basket Screen & PTFE Seals.
For general chemical and industrial applications Screen.

Y” Type Strainer

Flomec Y” type strainers take their name from their configuration. They are most commonly used in pressurised lines, gas or liquid, but can also be used in suction or vacuum conditions. They are intended for applications where small amounts of solid particles are expected, and where clean-out will be infrequent. If solids will flush easily from the screen, and fluid can be exhausted to atmosphere, a blow-down valve on the drain port will allow clean-out without removal of the screen, and without interrupting the process flow.

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