Satam equipment is designed for custody transfer and fiscal metering of liquid hydrocar- bons. Metering systems have pattern approvals subject to European regulations (Measuring Instruments Directive) and international recommendations (OIML R117).

Aircraft refuellers and hydrant dispensers

Positive displacement meter: a robust and proven technology

With more than 60 years of experience in manufacturing Positive Displacement meters (PD meters), Satam has develo- ped a comprehensive product range dedicated to jet fuel mea- surements with specific materials and connections.
Backed by its technical know-how, Satam is able to deliver a high accuracy PD meter that remains stable year after year with almost no need for periodic adjustment.
Its simple design using only two pairs of blades and one moving rotor guarantees an exceptionally robust device and generates significant savings on maintenance costs. All the Satam PD meters are custody transfer approved according to European regulation (MID 2014/32/UE) and to international standard OIML R117-1.

Flow Computers

Automatic densitomer for an optimised density measurement

In order to replace traditional manual density measurement, Satam has developed a real-time fuel density measuring system for the automatic monitoring and registration of jet-fuel density. Temperature and density measurements are continuously processed by the Equalis batch controller during the fuelling operation. At the end of the loading, Equalis calculates the average density and the loaded quantity in volume and in mass.

Master Meters

Gas extractor device

XAD20‐150 is a gas extractor device dedicated to aircraft refuelling measuring systems. It can be mounted on horizontal or vertical micro filter gas separator.
It is custody transfer approved up to 150 m3/h according to European regulation MID 2014/32/UE and to international stan- dard OIML R117-1.

Flow Computers

Batch controller: powerful and versatile

he Satam Equalis S batch controller is a powerful and versatile field batch controller designed for aircraft refuelling vehicles and road tanker loading stations. It meets all the requirements in terms of security and accuracy for installation on fuel transport vehicles or hydrant dispensers. Equalis S is custody transfer certified and compatible with the entire range of volumetric meters used in this industrial sector. It can directly interface with most cab mounted data capture systems.

Key Points
• Compact or remote design for easy installation
• Ability to manage fuelling and defuelling operations
• Can be connected to one or two meters
• Direct connection with automatic densitomer
• Calculation and display of average density of loaded fuel
• Loaded quantities in volume, corrected volume and masse
• On screen browsing of stored transactions

Large display unit

DIR 12 is a large display unit for indication of volume or mass. It is designed for installation on aircraft refuellers, hydrant dispensers and road tanker loading stations. DIR 12 can be connected directly to the flow computer via data bus or via frequency input. It operates as a flow computer displayed volume repeater. With its configurable pulses input, DIR 12 can also directly display the volume or mass measured by a flowmeter.
Key Points
• Total quantity displayed in real time with six digit technology
• Direct connection to a batch controller without the need for any configuration software
• Flame proof housing for a maximum ruggedness

Airport fuel farm

Measuring unit for refueller loading stations

Satam vertical or horizontal metering units are designed for refueller loading stations in a top or bottom loading configuration. Their space‐saving configuration enables easy installation in smaller facilities and in compact pipeline networks. All Satam measuring units are approved for commercial transactions according to European regulation MID 2014/32/UE and to international standard OIML R117-1.

Additive injection in aviation fuels

Satam offers comprehensive solutions for aviation fuel additive injection such as anti icing, corrosion inhibitor, antistatic and thermal stabiliser additives.
Injection of the additives can be electronically controlled by the Equalis batch controller. It can also be mecha- nically controlled by an injection piston pump directly linked to the PD meter rotor.

Refuelling of small airplanes and helicopters


Satam aircraft refuelling cabinets

This complete aviation fuel distribution unit is dedicated to the fuelling of small airplanes and helicopters. It is delivered ready for use. It includes a custody transfer approved metering system with mechanical or electronic register, a micro-filter separator, a pump and a fuel distribution hose and nozzle. The version fitted with electronic register provides a secured back-up of each transaction and a direct data transmission to the Customer’s administration and management information system.

Meter calibration


Master meter for periodic meter field calibration

According to international aviation standards, meters operating on aviation fuels need to be periodically field calibrated.
Satam offers a master meter operating as a working standard. It can be used regularly to check and calibrate measuring instruments or measuring systems. With minimal dimensions, it can easily be moved to several different sites without the requirement for lifting tools.

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